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White Out

White Out, 2016
Chalk, vinyl Stencils. Dimensions variable.

White Out is a temporary artistic intervention on a street-side building at Delridge Playfield. Working with the concept of erasure and reemergence, the artwork will change and disintegrate throughout the installation. The artwork’s transformation is an illustration of the rapidly changing neighborhood, and a symbol of the resilience of the Delridge community. Continue reading White Out

900* Horses

900*Horses, 2015
Pulverized chalk pastel based paint, 2000sqft. Temporary.

900* Horses was a response to the difference between a monument and a memorial. While they both stand as marks of remembrance, they often represent divergent messages. Monuments are symbols of power; they celebrate and reinforce the primacy of a political or historical viewpoint. Continue reading 900* Horses