current / ongoing / upcoming


2024-2025 Woman, Artist, Catalyst…, Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Spokane, WA.

2024 Solo Exhibition, Boise Art Museum, Boise, ID


2024 Overflow, Public artwork for the Wallingford East Shaft Site, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Seattle Public Utilities,  in progress, Seattle, WA

2024 The Supervisors, Permanent Public Art for Newhouse Building Replacement, in progress, Olympia, WA

2024 Companion Garden, Permanent Public Art for Sound Transit Auburn Sounder Station, in progress, Auburn, WA

2025 Permanent Public Art for Sound Transit Kent Sounder Garage, in progress, Kent, WA

2026 Small But Mighty: Fellow Travelers, Exquisite Riders, & Salmon Shoal,  Permanent Public Art for Seattle Metro RapidRide I Line, in progress, Renton, Kent, Auburn, WA


2024 Gather, Grounding and Thank you & Goodbye,  Public Art for Washington State Convention Center Addition, Seattle, WA

2022- Schema, Public artwork for CitizenM, Pioneer Square Location, Seattle, WA

2021- Inhabitance, Public artwork for Concourse B, PDX  Airport, Port of Portland, Portland, OR

2021- Mini Tahoma, Public Art for Commerce Street Waterwall, Pierce County TransitTacoma, WA

2021-  Kamiak Permanent Collection, Curator,  ARTSWA, Kamiak Elementary School, Pullman, WA

2020- Antecedents, Public artwork for the UW Population Health Building, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2019- Nexus, Public Art for Prairie Line Trail, City of Tacoma, Tacoma, WA

2019- Guest Co-Curator, Inaugural Northwest Galleries Exhibition, Bill Holm Center, Burke Museum, Seattle, WA

2019- Synecdoche, Interior Mural for the New Burke Museum, Seattle, WA