White Out

White Out, 2016
Chalk, vinyl Stencils. Dimensions variable.

White Out is a temporary artistic intervention on a street-side building at Delridge Playfield. Working with the concept of erasure and reemergence, the artwork will change and disintegrate throughout the installation. The artwork’s transformation is an illustration of the rapidly changing neighborhood, and a symbol of the resilience of the Delridge community.

Prior to the installation, the artist collected selfies from park goers that represent the community in the Delridge neighborhood. From these selfies the artist created drawings that were applied as stencils to the building prior to a temporary white washing, whiting out the stencils and the building itself. After a brief period, the artist and the public will work together to unveil the portraits by picking and peeling the stencils away. For the remainder of the installation, time and weather will corrode the piece allowing the colors and complexities of the building to re-emerge.

Commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture for the Put Art In Parks Program. Delridge Playfield, Seattle, WA