Seeking Visions for a Better World


Seeking Visions for a Better World is a call for images and aspirational sentiments that invoke constructive visions of the future to counterbalance the preponderance of dystopic visions presented in pop-culture, literature, and media. Inspired by traditional pictographs and contemporary graffiti culture, this collection of visions creates space for a dialogue where we can build on ideas, reflect on our culture, and imagine better outcomes for humanity. By working to develop meditations on futures we would like to see, we can generate societal visions that are worth pointing towards. Community-sourced contributions received before July 21 will be translated into graphic treatments that will progressively saturate the gallery from July 12-23. Seeking Visions for a Better World will be on view July 12- August 24.


DISCLAIMER: Participants retain intellectual ownership of their submissions and grant the artist and Alternator rights to reproduce, modify, and display submissions to Seeking Visions for a Better World. Participants should either be the originators of the content they submit or should share only content that is designated creative commons or is eligible for fair-use. The artist and Alternator may use the content generated for Seeking Visions for a Better World for promotional and educational purposes and will not make any submissions available for sale.

The artist will incorporate submissions into the final artwork within the context of the theme. The artist will attempt to reference as many submissions as time and space allow. Submissions that promote hate or incite violence will not be included.