RYAN! Elizabeth Feddersen specializes in creating interactive murals, site-specific installations, and immersive public artworks that invite audience engagement. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Cornish College of the Arts in 2009, then remained in Seattle, working as an artist, curator, studio assistant, and arts administrator, until recently relocating to Tacoma, Washington. Feddersen grew up in Wenatchee, Washington as a part of a creative family with multiple cultural perspectives. She is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, from the Okanogan and Arrow Lakes bands, and of mixed European decent. Utilizing traditional Plateau storytelling applied to contemporary issues, historical research, and digital tools, Feddersen creates material applications which interrogate official histories, examining how what we think has been formed by the information we have been taught. She explores creative strategies to activate participation through interactive materials, crowd sourced content, and social practice. These approaches enable her work to start conversations about a broad spectrum of subjects by offering opportunities for interaction and introspection. Feddersen recently received a National Fellowship in Visual Art from the Native Arts & Cultures Foundation, Visual Artist Fellowship from Artist Trust and completed permanent public artworks Synecdoche for the Burke Museum in Seattle and NEXUS for the city of Tacoma’s Prairie Line Trail. She has created large-scale interactive installations and site-specific pieces throughout North America, working with Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, the Museum of Art & History Santa Cruz, Seattle Art Museum, City of Tacoma, Alternator Centre, Missoula Art Museum, the College of New Jersey, and Northeastern University, as well as curated exhibitions for the New Burke Museum, Museum of Northwest Art, and Center for Contemporary Native Art at the Portland Art Museum.