Seeking Visions for a Better World

Seeking Visions for a Better World, 2019
Vinyl, 105 lineal feet

Seeking Visions for a Better World was a call for images and aspirational sentiments that invoke constructive visions of the future to counterbalance the preponderance of dystopic visions presented in pop-culture, literature, and media. Inspired by traditional pictographs and contemporary graffiti culture, this collection of visions creates space for a dialogue where we can build on ideas, reflect on our culture, and imagine better outcomes for humanity. By working to develop meditations on futures we would like to see, we can generate societal visions that are worth pointing towards. Community-sourced contributions were translated into graphic treatments progressively saturated the Alternator gallery.

Commissioned by the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art.
Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, Kelowna, BC.