Nellies, 2010
Cast plaster. 11” x 6” x 6”

An edition of 50 cast busts of  Nellie Cornish were self-produced and made available to artists affiliated with the college as blanks. Each effigy serving as a template to express the multitude of creative voices.

The original Nellie bust was submitted in a competition for an award statue hosted by Cornish College of the Arts. Dubbed intimidating, and a little scary by the panel, the Nellie bust was declined. However, in the spirit of the real Nellie Cornish, a powerhouse of a woman, an innovator, entrepreneur, and a risk taker, the Nellies persevered.

The Nellies received the “Simply The Best Audience Award” by faculty, staff and students in the 2013 Staff Exhibition.

Did you alter a Nellie? If so please send an snapshot to ryan[at]

2013 Staff Exhibition, Cornish College of the Arts, Alumni Gallery, Seattle, WA