Disconnected Towers

Disconnected Towers, 2015
Wood, conduit, acrylic and led. Dimensions variable.
Edition of 9 unique towers.

In a city consumed by rampant redevelopment, even once innocuous construction elements can become ominous signifiers. In Disconnected Towers, temporary power posts used to tie-off electricity in the demolition and construction of homes, are re-imagined as beacons that portend gentrification and scaffolds that uphold societal ideology and duplicity. Throughout the exhibition, the towers will frame a conversation on gentrification by emphasizing their beacon-like quality with led edge-lit acrylic icons strategically representing the often conflicting facets of the discussion; uncertainty, greed, ambition, exclusivity and inequity. As the show progresses, the towers will multiply to consume the space- dialoguing with each other and reflecting a conversation through the icons they lift and light. Disconnected Towers, encourages the viewer to consider their personal response to rapid redevelopment and urban renewal and to reflect on the societal values that are upheld by- and motivators of- the dramatic changes in Seattle’s neighborhoods.

2015 Disconnected Towers, Seattle Municipal Gallery, Seattle WA

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