The Post Human Archive, 2018
Mixed Media Installation and Website.

The Post Human Archive, was an interactive artwork and thought experiment created for the Double Exposure Education Gallery at the Seattle Art Museum. This project explored conflicts surrounding Edward Curtis’s images of Native people by inviting visitors to put themselves in a similar position of being documented and defined by an outside force.

As visitors enter the space a disembodied voice speaks: “Welcome to the Post Human Archive, a historical preservation project brought to you by Children of the Singularity and A.I Center for Ethnography. Our mission is to record the final examples of biological-human life for the sake of posterity. We are so excited to document you, a prime example of a real-life human being, in our archives.”

Visitors were encouraged to participate and reflect on the following prompt: Imagine yourself in a distant (or not so distant) future where you are informed that humanity is facing the possibility of vanishing. If you become the subject of an ethnographic study, how might you be cataloged and remembered? Who will determine how your story is told?

Commissioned for the Double Exposure Education Gallery by Seattle Art Museum Education.