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Coyote Now: Bones

Coyote Now: Bones, 2016
Ink on board paper and cast crayon. 6” x 0.5” x 6.25”

Presented as a set of eight crayons cast as colorful, yet realistic replicas of Coyote bones, the piece combines the recognizable tools of creativity with plateau lore. The only way to truly tell if Coyote’s adventure is at its end- is by his death, and conversely, each new saga begins with his resurrection. Continue reading Coyote Now: Bones

Coyote Now: Connecting with Nature

Coyote Now: Connecting with Nature, 2016
Marker on bristol board. 44” x 28”

Coyote Now is in an invitation to engage with imaginative storytelling through the assertion that the Trickster, Coyote, has been a continuous player in both historical and everyday events. In this scene, Connecting with Nature, Coyote is taking a break from his busy modern life and enjoying a scenic view while camping. Continue reading Coyote Now: Connecting with Nature

Coyote Now

Coyote Now, 2015
Ink on board and cast crayon. 7’ x 28’

A hands-on art activity in Tacoma Art Museum studio during the 6th Annual Northwest Native Celebration. The project is an invitation to think about the trickster, Coyote, as an active player in  contemporary events.  The artwork explores Coyote’s role in the creation of the space needle, epic sinkholes, even the root cause of global warming, and sets the stage for the audience to create a few of their own as part of this large collaborative drawing & coloring installation. Continue reading Coyote Now