Saturday, June 3 at 6 PM – 11 PM
Equinox Studios 6555 5th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98108

LISTEN: IT’S A SOUND SHOW is an immersive, one-night-only, multimedia art event presenting a dynamic and complex range of works that foreground the act of listening as a key element. The exhibition features stationary artworks and sound installations, live music, spoken word, and other performances that will fill the space in provocative and unpredictable ways.

Although LISTEN centers the auditory experience, for us, the act of “listening” goes beyond “hearing.” Listening implies that new information has been received and a transformation has occurred. It delineates a before and an after, and refers to communication and its consequences.

Featured participants include musicians, multimedia artists, activists, and poets from Seattle as well as Portland, Eugene, Los Angeles and New York, fostering conversations between practitioners of diverse media and bridging the coasts. The artists coming together for this project use various methods of inquiry to ask who (or what) we listen to, and why. In this way, the act of listening becomes inherently politicized, dynamic, transformative and collaborative.

Full confirmed artist list: Naa Akua, Amamantar y Migrar (Breastfeeding & Migration), Bobby Azarbayejani (‘sighup’), Constance DeJong, Dewa Dorje, Garek Jon Druss, Earth and Ceremony, Natasha El-Sergany, RYAN! Feddersen, Rachael Ferguson, Katherine Groesbeck + Peter Dodds, Olivia Hunter + David Golightly, Leena Joshi, Natalie A. Martínez, Clara Pluton, Pulling Out the Light (Briana Jones), Sarada Rauch, Soyoung Shin + Anthony Bodlović, Rick Silva + Jordan Tate, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Inye Wokoma.

Curated by Molly Mac & Emily Pothast with support from The Alice andInterstitial. Exhibition publication designed and created by Mount Analogue.

This project is supported, in part by a Tech Specific grant from 4Culture. Special thanks to Equinox StudiosBase: Experimental Arts + SpaceYaw TheaterGage Academy of Art, and Intrepidus Dance for generous donations of space and technical support for this exhibition. Beer donated by Counterbalance Brewing Company.

Radio photograph: Constance DeJong, Pink Knight Roland, 2015: re-engineered radio, audio. Photo by Corey Rydell