Steel, Oak Veneer, and Enameled Glass.

Inhabitance is a series of three interconnected artworks which highlight the exceptional diversity and significance of the Pacific Northwest biomes- the specific environments classified by the organisms that can live there. The Sentinels feature portraits of the land from Oregon’s astounding number of biomes, including, a coastal beach, native prairie, temperate rainforest, high desert, and alpine mountain range. As we fix our gaze on the environment, the land returns our gaze. This gesture of supervision encourages us to be responsible to the other life forms with which we share the world, who hold witness to our actions and inactions. The Habitat Tiles conjure the textures and patterns of these habitats, the undulating curves of the water line, arcs of long grass, vertical stripes of tree trunks, cracks of dried desert clay and craggy peaks of the mountain line. Paired with the basketry-inspired wall structure designed by ZGF with consultant Sara Schmidt Design, these tributes to the biomes recall how traditional basket patterns are often inspired by the characteristics of the land. Overlooking is Cloudwalk, a rainbow infused sky dappled with gently roiling geometric clouds inset amongst a series of petroglyph inspired closed eyes. All the land and life of the world under one sky.

Commissioned by the Port of Portland in partnership with Regional Arts and Culture Council for the Portland Airport Concourse B Expansion.

Glass Fabrication by Glasmalerei Peters Studios.