A Little Color in the White House

A Little Color in the White House
2009 Sharpie on paper & cast crayon. 12’ x 17’ x 12’

A Little Color in the White House is intended to be an open critique of the precarious state of our political and economic standpoint. While the location (state dining room) is a place of power, grandeur, and exclusivity, the space is entirely illusionistic. No matter how detailed and intricate, the suspension of disbelief is fleeting; it remains a thinly veiled artifice. The dishes chosen for the feast are a combination of traditional American dishes as well as extravagant delicacies, referencing the contrast of homogeny and extravagance of American culture. The feast is clear to have occurred sometime in the near past, the food remains half eaten and partially decaying. Despite the presence of artifice and decay, overall the piece is intended to be a hopeful one. While a gluttonous mess is left behind, the walls are a clean slate. The viewer is given the tools to make what they will; to create, to critique, or if they so chose, to destroy.

2009 BFA Exhibition, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA